Spotify: How to Disable Shuffle Play on the iPhone

Reposting this from a Spotify community forum.  The topic is disabling Shuffle Play which is easy enough to enable, but not quite as easy or intuitive to disable.

Original thread link HERE.

This seems to be a very common issue so outside of Spotify changing the behavior, I’m going to post a separate topic based in THIS thread.

The problem is once you press the shuffle button, the app will play all subsequent playlists in shuffle mode until you disable it.  However, disabling this function isn’t as intuitive as it should be.  Otherwise, the aforementioned thread wouldn’t be so large and growing.


Here’s how to disable it.   Continue reading Spotify: How to Disable Shuffle Play on the iPhone

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I recently registered after finding out the domain was available.  I woke up early yesterday morning and started looking into hosting providers and found Amazon has a free tier available for new users signing on to AWS.  So I said what the heck and signed up.  There are plenty of documents on how to get started with AWS but I will put something together whenever I get around to it.

After I set up a linux server on AWS, I figured I could install WordPress since it seems to be the defacto blogging software.  There won’t be a specific theme but I would imagine most articles will be technical related material and howto’s such as how to set up a linux server on Amazon Web Services!

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